After-sales Service

The totally new CPP/CPE cast film equipment launched by Xinhuida Machinery are equipped with fully automatic unloading and loading system and cloud data service. The equipment can realize world-wide remote control, online inspection, cuase diagnosing, so Xinhuida can provide solution quickly and do the trouble-shooting timely. The customers are really free of worries.

We will send engineers to implement on-site technical guidance on installation and debugging for customers. The quality problem or the problem occurred during the installation will be properly solved within the least time. As for the problems that customers cannot solve on their own, we will again dispatch engineers to assist customers in debugging to ensure that the production would not be affected and customers can timely consign goods as ordered.

What’s more, we provide the 24-hour free service hotline 13823548011 to offer timely service like fault removal, spare parts as well as the integrated and comprehensive technical support. Also, the specialized service solution is available for each customer to satisfy customers’needs in continuous production and pave the way for smooth production.

Please contact us whatever problems you have. Our professional and powerful technical service network is ready to provide consultation and one-stop service all the time for you, including the complete presales technical solutions, equipment installation, debugging, maintenance, spare parts supply, emergent repair, equipment transformation as well as related dedicated training service.

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